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The Extinction Event

"Black is a serious writer in the old sense, in the absolute sense. Brilliant, unsettling, and honest, this is David’s best book."
--Alec Baldwin, Golden Globe and Emmy-winning actor, star of 30 Rock

"In a room full of tired thrillers and gumshoe capers, David Black’s sensational new book is the life of the party. The Extinction Event sits at the table of Bradbury and Chinatown, Stieg Larsson and CSI."
--Graydon Carter, journalist, author and editor of Vanity Fair

An Impossible Life

"David Black’s An Impossible Life is a brilliant depiction of a Jewish-American family unsparingly portrayed with all its craziness, eccentricity, and wild humor.
--Erica Jong

"An Impossible Life is a triumph – and taught me a lot about what it means to be Jewish."
--Jonathan Alter, Newsweek

"David Black’s An Impossible Life is a fantastic swirl of memoir, myth, folktale, family history. And Cabalistic mysticism; it gives magic realism a whole new mobius twist. This compelling novel has all the grit and grain of real history combined with the fascination of legends that survived for centuries."
--Madison Smart Bell