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The Extinction Event

"Ignites in chapter one and blazes to the final page...a daring book by a daring man, this is by far the best conspiracy thriller in years. David Black's a superbly skilled author who can draw on down-and-dirty personal experiences that echo international headlines, lending his work an uncommon level of authenticity. Read this book!"

--Ralph Peters, New York Times bestselling author of The War After Armageddon and Fox News Strategic Analyst

"David Black is a direct descendant of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and Elmore Leonard. No one writing today does sizzling hard-boiled dialog better than Black. He delivers a knockout punch with his latest novel, The Extinction Event."
--Edward Klein, New York Times bestselling author of Ted Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died

"Much more than a well-written detective novel, The Extinction Event goes in surprising, amazing directions. David Black uses an artist's touch in creating a story, and a master's skill in telling it."
--Larry Bond, New York Times bestselling author of Cold Choices

"David Black writes like Raymond Chandler on meth. With a taut, spare, leather-tough style, he flash-freezes 21st Century America. Mystery has a new king, and his name is David Black."
--Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author of The Assassin

"As vivid and enthralling as any movie. A rival for John Grisham, Black blends a revealing and cautionary tale with romance, erotic tension, and suspense to create a literate page-turner. A wondrous 21st Century thriller."
--James Grady, author of the international bestseller Six Days Of The Condor

"For three decades, David Black has been one of our most significant cultural voices. He's delivered award-winning work in magazines, between hardcovers, and on the screen. His career would make any writer envious, and The Extinction Event is so good, so riveting, so entertaining that I'm envious. I wish I'd written it. It's the work of a major and multifaceted talent at the top of his game. Don't miss it."
--William Martin, New York Times Best Selling Author of Harvard Yard, The Lost Constitution, and The City of Dreams

"The Extinction Event by David Black is an electric thriller, crackling with action, believable characters, witty dialog, and fine, literate writing. The scientific twist at the end, which is as plausible as it is frightening, will shiver your soul. What a spectacular novel."
--Douglas Preston, New York Times bestselling author of Impact

"The frightening power of The Extinction Event will stay with me for a long, long time. It's the kind of story that sweeps you up, then carries you far into a night of intense reading entertainment. And then you begin to think about it ... and -- well, you'll see what happens. Not to be forgotten."
--Whitley Strieber, New York Times best-selling author of Critical Mass

"David Black's new novel The Extinction Event is an intelligent, well-written thriller that will keep you up all night reading, guessing, and enjoying. I can't wait to see the movie!"
--Michael Bolton, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter

"David Black’s new book is Raymond Chandler on the Hudson, Pablo Casals on the prowl, a swift, funny, engaging mystery. I could not put it down!!!"
--Judy Collins

"David Black has written a novel that is not only a literary tour de force, but a great read. I can hardly wait for the movie."
--Christopher Kennedy Lawford, New York Times bestselling author of Symptoms of Withdrawal, actor, and recovery activist

"There are always surprises within David's work, more so because he writes of the familiar and makes the familiar surprising. There are amazing surprises in this one."
--Richard Dreyfuss, Academy Award, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award-winning actor

"Hardboiled to perfection by a master of narrative alchemy. Here is a thriller yielding philosophical gold."
--Frederic Morton, New York Times bestselling author of A Nervous Splendor

"A neo-noir, with that Marlowe voice and heavy-lidded attitude transported to upstate NY, to weird small town scenes, high and way low, that no one would ever stumble on but a desperate private citizen trying to investigate his way out of a bogus murder rap. As the bodies pile up, hard boiled dialogue, nasty sex, and extravagant violence ensue, and the specter of a powerful eco-conspiracy begins to take shape -- so Raymond Chandler meets Russell Banks meets Karen Silkwood -- until finally things get even bigger than that: as big as the title, posing a problem next to which all other problems pale to insignificance."
--Jacob Brackman, film critic (Esquire), screenwriter (The King of Marvin Gardens), producer (Days of Heaven)

"A guilty pleasure. This sexy noir thriller spins an intriguing puzzle and then casually blackmails you into the next galaxy with the following: The trouble with immediate gratification is it takes too long. Few writers could handle the concept of humanity’s end time so well as author David Black does in this suspenseful novel The Extinction Event."
--Lori Singer, Footloose, The Falcon and the Snowman, Robert Altman’s Short Cuts

"I haven't been as hooked on a character since Mike Hammer ....or ....... Hold on tight, this novel has more dangerous twists and turns than the Taconic Parkway, where it takes place ..... or .... Who knew a couple of small towns on the Taconic Parkway could have so much sex, violence and intrigue ... apparently David Black, and he tells it all .... or ... The world created by David Black, it's provocative, surprising and dangerous...a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there....."
--Bill Persky, Director, writer, five time Emmy Award winner, The Dick Van Dyke Show, creator of Kate & Allie, That Girl, and other TV shows

"A nonstop narrative train ride: from the textured, eccentric ordinariness of upstate New York through noir thriller to apocalyptic vision. As surprising and real as the early morning jogger who suddenly encounters Adam and Eve copulating on his path -- and jumps over them."
--Gary Taylor, co-editor of the Oxford Complete Shakespeare and editor of the Oxford Complete Middleton

"This book is so intense, I feel like I've just been hit from behind in a dark alley. And the alley in question is the ever-fertile, ever engaging imagination of David Black."
--Tom Fontana, Award Winning Writer/Producer of Homicide, Oz, and The Philanthropist

"This is a really fun read. It's chock-full of characters you'd like to run into (and some you wouldn't) -- Hudson Valley lowlifes, warped aristocrats, black ops killers -- all spun around a plot that's utterly fantastic, until you start to think about it. Cheers to Jack Slidell and Caroline Wonder."
--Nick Taylor, American Made, Sins of the Father, A Necessary Evil, President of the Authors' Guild (2002-2006), Director of the Authors Guild Foundation

"A compelling yarn filled with crisp and crackling dialogue and more twist and turns then on any roller coaster."
--Julian Schlossberg, Broadway Producer and Documentary Film Maker, Witness to the 20th Century, founder Castle Hill Productions and Gold Castle Records, lecturer (NYC, Columbia University, Cannes Film Festival, Peoples Republic of China)

"David Black is a master screenwriter and novelist. Just when you think he's done it all, he gives us The Extinction Event. This is one of those books you'll put down and wonder if Hollywood can possibly make the movie as riveting."
--Louis Ferrante, author of Unlocked: The Life and Crimes of a Mafia Insider

"In David Black’s The Extinction Event one inexplicable murder plus one relentless investigation equals too much scary information. And when things go this bad, this fast, sometimes all you can do is laugh like hell and hard-boiled horror cracks wise in The Extinction Event like a beaten, bloodied Bogart racing to cover the Apocalypse for the Inter-Galactic Herald Tribune. Black teases-out the outlines of a terrifying future while painting the present with a ghostly, water-wash of echoes from the dead, like history’s own cinematographer pulling focus from multiple dimensions. His dark vision projects us into a looming cosmic crime scene: scary, harsh and worst of all, possibly prescient. There is flat-out not enough yellow police tape on Earth to contain The Extinction Event."
--Gary Tigerman, actor (Saturday Night Live), songwriter (for Peggy Lee, Leon Redbone, Canned Heat, songs choreographer by Elliot Feld for Michail Baryshnikov), four time winner of the Clio Award, writer (The Orion Protocol)

"David Black's The Extinction Event is a master storyteller at his superb best. It is smart and sexy, and full of memorable characters being human in constantly surprising ways. I couldn't put it down."
--Harry Stein, Hoopla, The Magic Bullet

"The Extinction Event is entertaining, engrossing and enlightening. Black's new novel outdoes Thomas Pynchon channeling Elmore Leonard. No one will ever think about this picturesque corner of rural New York State the same again. A thrilling ride full of disturbing surprises."
--William O'Rourke, author of Criminal Tendencies and Notts

"David Black’s prose soars majestically above a landscape of mystery and intrigue. The Extinction Event, with it’s irresistible characters, devilishly clever plot twists, and stunning conclusion, is a phenomenal work destined to become a classic."
--Charles Kipps, Columbo, Law & Order; Author of Hell’s Kitchen Homicide and Cop Without A Badge

"Scary, provocative, sexy, haunting in a very important way -- what more can one want in a book?"
--Pat Birch, choreographer (Grease, The Nanny Diaries, The Stepford Wives, The Human Stain, The First Wives Club, Billy Bathgate, Sleeping With The Enemy, Big)

"David Black writes extremely well, with a style that has verve and that is gritty and real. There is balance and harmony to the book. This is a terrific read with its grim actuality and tight plot and a moral center that elevates it above any genre."
--Harvey Goldblatt, Ph.D.
Professor of Medieval Slavic Literature
Professor of International and Area Studies
Master, Pierson College
Yale University

"Sleaze, grit and hope under the heavens: like its hard-boiled characters who use wit to survive in the dregs of rural New York, The Extinction Event teaches us a delicate art of living in a world in decay. Beginning as if it were of the tawdry color of neo-noir, the novel brings us language that crackles and bristles with excitement and even the warmth of promise. It is, in the strongest philosophical sense, an event."
-- Tom Conley
Abbott Lawrence Lowell Professor
Romance Languages and Visual Studies
Harvard University

"David Black, triple-threat master storyteller on the big and small screens, has brought to these pages a riveting thriller as only he could. THE EXTINCTION EVENT is a non-stop tale for today with a heart-stopping glimpse of our future."
--Mark St. Germain is an award-winning playwright and television writer and producer